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Ness Products

Over the past 15 years we have grown from zero members to more than 120,000 principal members, translating to more than 600,000 lives covered and administered through NESS. NESS has achieved this growth without any capital injection from external parties.

Cash Products

Cash products administered by NESS and distributed under the Simanawe Umbrella for Individuals include the following:

Member only and Member plus immediate family plans ranging from a benefit of R7,500 to R100,000

  • The products include cover for a single member or an immediate family (including spouse and own or adopted children).
  • Wider family dependents may be covered at an extra cost on these products for benefits ranging from R5,000 to R30,000.
  • Combo plans are also available under the cash products which cover a member, immediate family and wider family members.
  • The benefits for the member and spouse range from R7,500 to R100,000.
  • The benefits for the wider family members range from R5,000 to R30,000.

The cash products offer an individual an immediate access to cash in the event of losing a loved one to assist with the expenses arising at that point.
Our premiums range from as little as R1.50 per day for our range of cash products.

In the event of a breadwinner passing on we also offer a survivor benefit that includes a cash pay- out to the selected beneficiaries for a period of 6 months or more. The monthly pay-out ranges from R1,000 to R5,000 depending on the level of cover selected.

Convenience Products

We also offer convenience products that are required at the time of bereavement which are non- cash benefits but assist the individual towards the burial of a loved one. These products include:

Member only and Member plus immediate family plans ranging from a benefit of R7,500 to R100,000

  • Beef / Livestock Cover
  • Car Hire Benefit
  • Repatriation Cover
  • Tombstone Benefit
  • Survivor benefit
Group Products

NESS has over the years developed innovative products for a number of client groups. Our product development team will capture the needs of the group and design the product, obtaining commitment from the various underwriters in terms of Actuarial pricing plus terms and conditions of cover.

The group products will be designed along the following benefits:

  • The group product design always has to comply with regulations in terms benefits limit.
  • All groups for employers are designed with a continuation option, which allows for an individual exiting an employer group to continue cover as an individual.
  • NESS also offers standard Group Covers which you can source from our Sales Personnel or via electronic mail for a quick quotation.
  • NESS also provides administration services to a group that already has an existing product but seeks NESS to administer the product.
Beef and Car Hire
  • 420kg Cow or a Voucher
  • Four Day Family Car hire
  • We transport the deceased home within the borders of South Africa. With all cultural protocols adhered to
Survival Benefit
  • An amount equivalent to the benefit will be paid over an agreed period to the surviving immediate family members.


NESS specializes in insurance product development and administration. This includes funeral cover, and burial plans.

Optional Benefits