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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Who is NESS?
NESS is an authorized FSP acting as an intermediary, a binder holder and an administrator for various underwriters
2Which Class of business is NESS authorized to sell?
NESS is authorized to sell Long-Term Insurance, Life Insurance and Short-Term Personal Lines.
3Which Products dominate the NESS offering?
NESS chooses to focus on what was formally known as Life Assistance Business and now known as Funeral Insurance due to their expertise in the market. Our products range from life insurance, funeral insurance products and NESS offers cash based funeral benefits.
4What is funeral insurance?
Funeral insurance is a policy that provides a cash payout within 24 - 48hrs upon the notice of death in order to cover the costs associated with a dignified funeral.
5What is funeral benefit cover?
Funeral cover refers to insurance funds you are provided with to take care of the immediate and urgent costs of a funeral. It’s paid out as one lump sum that is legally limited to a maximum of R100 000
6What other benefits do Ness funeral policies offer?

In addition to the cover amount we offer benefits such as:

Claims paid out within 48 hours of approval.

  • Beef benefit:
  • If an immediate family member passes away a full 420kg cow is delivered to the home of the deceased
    A butchery/meat voucher is issued to the beneficiary

  • Memorial benefit:
  • A benefit is paid out to assist family with the tombstone

  • Repatriation services:
  • With all cultural protocols observed, a repatriation service is offered to transport the deceased home within the borders of South Africa.

7What is your claims turnaround?
Claims paid out within 48 hours of receiving valid documents.
8How does my family claim for my funeral policy when I am gone?

NESS Consulting has made it simple for you to claim by giving you the option to choose the method you are most comfortable with. You can claim via

  • Telephone
    011 7159700
  • E-mail
  • WhatsApp
    060 300 4762

Our claim handlers in the client services department will provide you with the initial documentation required to process the claim.

At claims stage you need:

  • A certified death certificate
  • A certified ID Copy
  • The BI1663/1668 form of the deceased & claimant submitted via fax or email or delivered by hand.

Then you can

  • Fax documentation to 086 683 1414
  • E-mail documentation to
  • Whatsapp documentation to 060 300 4762
9Will I need to complete a medical exam before I can take out funeral cover?
No, there are no medical exams or tests.
10What is the waiting periods for funeral cover?
There is a 6 month waiting period
11Can I take out funeral cover for another person?
Yes. We cover from between 1 to 10 extended family members including 2 spouses.
12What happens when I die?
The beneficiary you have chosen on the policy will receive the claim.
13If I am chronically ill or disabled can I apply for funeral cover?
Yes you can.
14Can I increase my funeral cover?
Yes. The difference will incur a new 6 month waiting period.
15Does my family pay tax for my funeral cover claim?
No they are not liable to.
16How long does it take to pay a claim?
24 – 48hrs of receiving valid claims documents.
17Do you have branches in other provinces?
We are operational and have branches in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape as well as the North West. Yes. We are in Johannesburg, Durban, Mthatha and Potchefstroom.
18Are there age limits on funeral cover?
Our Funeral Product cover members from 84 years in the beginning, thereafter a member can reach 114 years.
19Is there repatriation on my policy?
There are a number of products that have repatriation country wide.
20Do you have a suggestion box?
We are open for suggestions through our receptionists per office in Maritime House Building Margaret Mncandi Avenue Durban, 45 James Moroka Avenue Potchefstroom, 4th Floor, Sanlam Building 50 Cnr Madiera and Leeds Streets Mthatha, 222 Smit Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg; You can use WhatsApp, the number to send your suggestion is 060 300 4762; You can email the suggestion to or go to the contacts page on the website use the Feedback page.
21Do my premiums go up when my cover goes up?
Yes the higher the cover you want the premium changes.