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Ness Consulting Treating Customer’s Fairly (TCF) Statement

As at 15 August 2020


The FSCA was created by the Financial Sector Regulation Act, 9 of 2017 (the FSR Act), which in summary – sets the objective for the FSCA to:

  • enhance the efficiency and integrity of financial markets
  • promote fair customer treatment by financial institutions
  • provide financial education, promote financial literacy, and
  • Assist in maintaining financial stability.

The FSCA’s focus is on protecting customers against unfair treatment by financial institutions, and equally importantly on empowering customers to protect themselves by strengthening their ability to make informed financial decisions.

What is TCF?

TCF aims to be “a holistic and coordinated consumer protection regulatory framework that applies consistently across the financial services sector – and is tailored to address the specific conduct risks peculiar to the sector! The regulation on TCF ensures that fairness outcomes (as they apply to financial services customers) are demonstrably delivered by regulated financial institutions. Financial services providers should apply these principles at all times keeping the customer in mind.

Ness Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (“Ness”, the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) adheres to the principles of TCF and ensure that our customers are served in a manner consistent with the TCF outcomes.

Our commitments

In compliance with the TCF outcomes we promise to deliver our services according to the following principles:

  • We will serve our customers in a manner that instils confidence that they are dealing with an organisation where TCF is central to the corporate culture.
  • Our products & services are designed to meet the needs of identified customer groups and are sold in line with the expressed needs of the customer
  • We provide our customers with clear information and ensure that we communicate before, during and after you buy our product and services
  • We ensure that we give suitable advice that takes account of the customer’s circumstances
  • Our products and services meet our customer’s expectations as well as the standard that we have led the customer to expect
  • We are easy to do business with and ensure that our customers do not face unreasonable barriers when trying to change product, switch providers, submit a claim or make complaint

Questions and Complaints

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